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The Doll Maker's Gift
World Premiere, The Rose Theatre, Omaha.

Welcome to Zalushka’s Doll Shop, an imaginarium where even the darkest times can give way to hope.

Set in a small village in Eastern Europe during the early 1900s, The Doll Maker’s Gift follows Nora, an irrepressibly creative little girl whose dolls guide and uplift her when the ethnic cleansing of Pogroms threaten her Jewish community in Russia.

Welcome to Zalushka’s!
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Bird Brains!
Originally Produced Off-Broadway

Incominnnggg!!! SPLAT. She's a little clumsy, a little crass, and always the last bird to the worm. Her name is Robin and she's one of the million pesky pigeons who calls New York City home...

BIRD BRAINS! Music Teaser Reel
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Top Job
Originally Produced Off-Broadway

It’s career day at school and all the kids’ parents have really cool jobs… except Jenna’s. He changes light bulbs. The kids think her dad’s job is sooooo boring and make fun of her. When she comes home crying, her father invites her on a magical adventure to New York City to see the “special” light bulbs he changes.

The Top Job
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Dial M for Murder
Originally Produced Off-Broadway

In London, 1952, the wealthy Margot Wendice has convinced her husband, Tony, to give up playing tennis to spend more time with her. However, he has discovered that while he was on a tennis tour in the United States several years ago, Margot had an affair with an American murder mystery writer named Max Halliday.

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