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Songwriter classes

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Brian Feinstein, the ASCAP Plus and Larson Award-winning composer whose works have appeared off-Broadway, in Philharmonics around the world, and on film and television, has announced that he will be taking on a select number of children and adults as his students in the world of music composition.

Brian's approach to composition has never been one-size-fits-all; he looks forward to identifying a student's interests, talent, and desire, and forming a program that can boost their abilities, no matter their initial level. In the past, he has worked with children, teens, adults, and even consulted with corporations on bringing music and composition into their work environments in order to boost productivity.
"Music is fundamental to how we perceive the world," says Feinstein, "and a way to experience it from a different point of view. Study after study has shown that an understanding of music is tied directly to a deeper understanding of mathematics, and vice-versa -- and when I've worked with students, it's deeply gratifying to see them excelling not only in composition and musical understanding, but in other areas of their lives, as well. It's why I truly see music composition as one of the building blocks of life itself."

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Brian is also a guest teacher at his “Mimi Le Duck’s” collaborator, Diana Hansen-Young's popular songwriting intensive groups in the Baltimore, MD area. Please click HERE or HERE for more information, or for private classes with Brian and Diana. 

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