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"Brian's music is the real thing -- uplifting, transporting, and always surprising. His musical gifts are matched only by his passion for expressing the whole range of life and emotion."

- Ben Sherwood

Former Co-chairman, Disney Media Networks and President, Disney/ABC Television Group

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Brian’s music has earned him rave reviews in The New York Times, six ASCAP Plus Awards, a Jonathan Larson Fellowship and the Anna Sosenko Trust Award, among other honors.  


His compositions have been performed by the Boston Pops, the Indianapolis Philharmonic and a wide array of musicians and vocalists across the country, in Europe and on television.

Upcoming & Produced Shows

The Bad News Bears
In the Works

Based on the beloved Paramount Studios 1976 classic film, The Bad News Bears comes to life on the musical stage - stay tuned for details!

Music coming soon!
Mimi Le Duck
Produced, Off-Bway, NYC

Mimi Le Duck tells the tale of Miriam Sanders, a discontented Mormon housewife from Ketchum, Idaho, who, in a moment of desperate inspiration (and a visit from the ghost of Ernest Hemingway), packs her bags and moves to Paris, leaving behind her husband and her career as a world famous duck painter for QVC.

Everything Changes performed by Eartha Kitt
Brian Bears poster 4, dec 3, 2019 small.
World Premiere, Signature Theatre, DC.

Legendary record producer Daniella Espere is searching for her next international sensation. She discovers it in her long-lost niece, Tina, who dreams of being a world-famous pop star. Despite warning signs that all may not be as it seems, the two eagerly forge a mother/daughter bond and Daniella transforms Tina’s image, voice and talent into star quality – but not by the usual means.

GIRLSTAR - Exclusive First Look
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